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Dr. Chester Clark in Amity, AR, is a biologic dentist who performs specialized services such as the safe replacement of harmful amalgam fillings (which contain mercury) with non-toxic, tooth-colored composite fillings. In this way, he helps to detoxify your body and give your smile a more visually appealing look. Dr. Clark practices Whole Body Dentistry, an approach that can enhance your overall health by helping you achieve outstanding oral health.

Dr Chester Clark

DR. CHESTER V. CLARK, JR. Holistic Dentist

Biologic dentist Chester V. Clark, Jr. of Amity Gentle Dental in Amity, AR, is a trusted, knowledgeable, and compassionate dentist who has practiced top-level general, cosmetic, and reconstructive dentistry since 1977. He has been a proponent of biologic dentistry for several decades. Has has pursued the development of protocols for safe mercury removal and healthier alternatives since 1985.

Dr. Clark is deeply involved in the Amity, AR, community, having served as mayor for 16 years and City of Amity Alderman for 18 years. Patients seeking Dr. Clark’s biologic care travel from locations all over the United States to see him at our Amity location. Dr. Clark welcomes patients from Hot Springs, Arkadelphia, AR, and beyond. Se habla Español. Contact our Christian practice today either by sending us a message online or giving us a call:

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A Personal Message from Our Dentist

“I enjoy helping people get healthier. We enjoy seeing people’s health improved and recognize that many of the procedures and materials that are used in dentistry can detract from a person’s health and longevity. The efforts we take are to ensure your long-term health.”

Dr. Chester Clark

The Impact of Mercury Fillings

Play Video about Mecury Dental fillings before and after

As part of his research with the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, Dr. Roger Eichman investigated the short- and long-term effects of exposure to mercury in amalgam fillings. 

"Best Dentist Ever!"

Best dentist ever! Kind, knowledgeable people, they explained everything in depth
Great people! Great work. Been a patient for 5 years now.

Our Unique Approach to Dental Care

It's Not Just about Your Smile!

The terminology used to describe alternative dental care has gone through many changes in recent decades. Mercury-free dentistry is better described as mercury-safe dentistry. Holistic dentistry, biological dentistry, and whole mouth dentistry are better described as Whole Body Dentistry. After all, the mouth is very well attached to the body! This approach to dental care focuses on the connection between the health of your smile and the health of your entire body.

Improved Health and Safer Dentistry

The state of your teeth and gums can have a significant impact on body wellness. In fact, gum disease can lead to systemic conditions, such as heart disease, stroke, and low birth weight in infants. Dr. Chester Clark is a dentist who is extensively trained in standard dental care, but he does not perform techniques simply because they are traditional. By minimizing your exposure to hazards such as mercury and radiation, he can also minimize the risk of developing other serious health conditions.

How Dangerous Are Amalgam Fillings?


Statement From: Director- CDRH Offices: Office of the Center Director Dr. Jeffrey E. Shuren, MD, JD

Part of our role in protecting patients is to regularly evaluate, monitor and update scientific evidence on the risks from medical devices—including issues related to the materials used in devices, such as metals. In the case of implanted and inserted medical devices, where materials may be in contact with the body for extended periods of time, we evaluate safety issues involved with, among other things, the body’s long-term exposure to certain materials, taking into account that sometimes uncertainties remain and more research is needed.
Today, the FDA is issuing updated recommendations concerning dental amalgam and potential risks to certain high-risk individuals that may be associated with these mercury-containing fillings used to restore the missing structure and surfaces of a decayed tooth.
The FDA has found that certain groups may be at greater risk for potential harmful health effects of mercury vapor released from the device. As a result, the agency is recommending certain high-risk groups avoid getting dental amalgam whenever possible and appropriate.

Read FDA Statement Now

Featured Dental Services


These dental services performed by Dr. Clark are designed to not only result in healthier teeth and renewed smiles, but can benefit your overall health and boost your self-confidence:

Our Complete Services

If you are experiencing pain, sleeping issues, oral health problems, or a desire to improve the look of your smile by replacing missing teeth, Dr. Clark can discuss which of these dental care services will work best for you:

Real Pateint Results

Dr. Clark used beautifully crafted dental crowns to repair this patient’s teeth and achieve enhanced aesthetics.

dental crowns before


After dental crowns


By taking time to carefully tailor this patient’s dental rehabilitation, Dr. Clark was able to provide results that gave this patient a smile that is not only healthier and more attractive, but also natural-looking. When it comes to the appearance of your smile, our goal is to make you and those around you notice your beautiful features – not your dental work!

Dr. Clark Uses the Latest Dental Technology

At Amity Gentle Dental, we embrace technological advancements that allow us to provide treatment that is safer, more beneficial, and more comfortable to our patients. Dr. Clark only adopts the use of tools that have been shown to make a substantial improvement in his quality of care. These advanced dental solutions help keep you safe and comfortable during procedures. They can also reduce recovery times:

Our dentist uses medical-grade oxygen (95 percent oxygen, five percent ozone) which works as an excellent sterilizer to eliminate pathogens while leaving surrounding dental tissues undisturbed.


PLATELET-RICH FIBRIN is created using a small sample of the patient’s blood. When applied to treatment areas by our dentist, the growth factors expedite healing following extractions and other procedures.

Dr. Clark uses the Ögram System, a special method of tooth extraction used by qualified dentists that requires less force and minimizes bone loss. Maximum preservation of jawbone tissue helps ensure successful dental implant placement.

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Such a Christian staff and atmosphere The bedside and caring treatment is the best ever. Dr Clark and staff stayed after hours to meet my needs. Wouldn’t think of another Dentist. Several miles to drive but it’s worth it.

Wathenia McCauley

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