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“I Care” Dentistry. At Amity Gentle Dental we believe you are unique and special. You come to us with needs, desires and background experiences that no one else has had. We not only examine your oral condition very thoroughly but also want to understand your fears, anxieties and desires for health and attractiveness.

Your mouth is such an important part of your body and plays a vital role in many aspects of life—eating, speaking, showing affection, and breathing. We believe God made us integrated beings. That means the mouth is not an isolated structure to be treated as if it functions independently from the rest of the body. What happens in the mouth directly affects the rest of the body, for good or bad. Thus we are very concerned that the materials we use are health enhancing rather than health destroying.

The three primary disease processes that dentists deal with are: caries (cavities), periodontal (gum) disease, and trauma of Occlusion (bite-related problems). These three disease processes are thought of as separate and distinct. However, there are many connections and overlapping symptoms. For example, untreated caries often leads to tooth loss which causes shifting of teeth, changing the bite and upsetting the balance in the jaw joint which then leads to noise in the joint, headaches, then neck and back problems. This whole scenario with years of suffering and much medical expense could be avoided by taking care of a small cavity at the right time. A similar scenario could be written showing the connections between gum disease and bite problems or cavities and gum disease.

Dr. Clark and his staff are uniquely qualified to treat all of these diseases. They are also trained to see the interrelations or cross-over affects of multiple disease symptoms. Dr. Clark’s experiences with patients presenting signs and symptoms of micro-mercurialism (long-term low-dose mercury exposure) also give him the ability to see the larger picture of how your oral health impacts other systems of your body.


It was 1985 when Dr. Clark began his journey into biological dentistry. Several events and some disturbing scientific articles led him to discontinue his use of mercury fillings. Since then he has found the science supporting that decision to be overwhelming.

Thank you so much for everything! You gave me the best dental experience of my life. It was definitely worth the 10 hour drive. Praise the Lord for your generosity, caring ways, and gentleness. Everything recovered well and without pain. God Bless you and your staff. Sincerely,

S.R. – Kentucky

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