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Amalgam Filling Removal

Replacing Fillings with Mercury-Free Material

Dentists have used silver amalgam fillings in restorative procedures for decades, but today, we have safer metal-free alternatives. In fact, many patients choose to undergo amalgam filling removalDr. Chester V. Clark, Jr. provides this service at our holistic dentistry practice in Amity, AR. Because amalgam fillings can release harmful mercury vapors, properly removing these types of fillings requires a highly trained doctor and sophisticated approach. We only use techniques and materials that can benefit our patients’ health for years to come. Replacing traditional restorations with tooth-colored composite fillings provides significant benefits.


Amalgam Filling

Composite Filling

Mecury Dental fillings before and after

A composite filling is not only a more cosmetic option, but also a safer one in the long term. 

Video Testimonial: Mercury Filling Removal

Video Testimonial: Mercury Filling Removal

Amalgam fillings, also known as silver fillings, are made of a mixture of metals including mercury, silver, zinc, and other elements. Mercury is a gas at body temperature. It is constantly seeping out of the surface of the filling.  It escapes at a greater rate when you chew or drink hot drinks. Mercury vapor can present a number of hazards to your health:

  • Interferes with proper  brain function
  • Increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Produces neurotoxic effects on infants during pregnancy
  • Impairs kidney function

During the removal process, patients can be exposed to mercury vapors if the dentist does not take many important precautionary measures.

What to Expect during Treatment

When given the choice, most patients would never choose to have metal placed in their bodies. Millions still have metal fillings and are interested in having them removed.

In order to safely and properly remove metal fillings, dental professionals must adhere to strictly outlined criteria.  During the removal process, patients can be exposed to mercury vapors if the dentist does not take many important precautionary measures.

The Removal Process

To begin, a local anesthetic is provided to numb the area.  During treatment, Dr. Clark uses two vacuum devices.  The first vacuum device is the high-speed suction which is placed in your mouth with a clean-up device that fits over your teeth.  Often a rubber dam is used for even better isolation.  The second vacuum device is a four inch suction placed beneath your chin to pull the mercury fumes away.  An oxygen mask and skin drapes also protect you from mercury exposure.

Detoxifying the Body

Once treatment is complete, you will be provided with activated charcoal to swish and swallow. This can bind with any mercury molecules in your GI tract that escaped the suction devices.  Dr. Clark also recommends that patients take lypo-spheric vitamin C capsules to further aid the detoxification process. Depending on how many and how large the fillings are, several can be removed and replaced each appointment.  We usually schedule no more than 90 minute appointments.

Your Health Comes First

We often hear that if patients understood removing their old, silver fillings could be such a simple, comfortable experience, they would have done it years ago. Choose a practice that makes your long-term health the top priority. The team at Amity Gentle Dental provides assistance in both English and Spanish. Call (870) 525-2285 or email us today to schedule your consultation. 

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