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Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

Healthy gums are as important as healthy teeth. Gums act as a seal against food particles and bacteria and protect your teeth roots from dental infection. When gums are infected, a line of defense is breached and your teeth are at higher risk of falling out. The condition requires immediate dental attention. As a solution to this problem laser gum treatment is one of the procedures we perform at our dental office. Our laser dentistry in Amity, AR is painless and very effective in killing bacteria and curing the infection. If you or any of your family members are suffering from swollen gums or bleeding gums, make an appointment and visit our office. Our comprehensive care can protect soft and hard tissues of your oral cavity and enhance your quality of life.

Gum disease – How does it occur?

Gums are soft tissues which cover the supporting bone and the roots of the teeth. They form a tight collar around the crown of the teeth and act as a seal against food particles and bacteria. Plaque which is a bio-film of bacteria accumulates over the surface of the teeth around the gum-line. When plaque is not cleared from the tooth surface from time-to-time, it hardens to become tarter which cannot be cleaned through routine oral hygiene practices. The bacteria in tarter can feed on food particles and release acids that are harmful to teeth and gums. These acids can cause inflammation and infection of gums.

Infection of gums weakens the soft tissues and breaks the bond between teeth surface and gums. This leads to formation of gum pockets where more food can get accumulated. From here on the bacterial activity increases under the gum-line and the infection grows deeper. The gums recede and in the final stages of the disease the teeth loosen and fall out.

Laser Gum Care

Laser dentistry illustration

Laser is an amazing tool used in treatment of hard and soft tissues of oral cavity. The narrow beam of light releases energy which is sufficient to repair and remove soft and hard tissues. When used by an experienced dental professional, laser can be a great tool in treating gum diseases. The laser gum treatment is painless and there is no bleeding during the course. Patients can quickly recover from the treatment.

Laser is used to selectively repair and remove infected gum tissues. Laser in combination with other mechanical tools can work wonderfully in killing bacteria, clearing infection and removing plaque from beneath the gum-line. There may be no requirement for local anesthesia during the course. The treatment is very effective since doctor’s can precisely work on infected tissues using the thin beam of laser. On completion of the treatment, the patient is informed about after-care and how to keep the gum disease under check.

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