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Dr. Chester Clark, Jr. incorporates a wide range of innovative techniques and dental technology at our Amity, AR, practice. With a focus on holistic dentistry, these services complement our goal of protecting our patients’ oral and overall health for a lifetime. With treatments such as ozone therapy, platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) therapy, and soft tissue laser dentistry, we can reduce risks and enhance your results. Our Christian practice, Amity Gentle Dental, has proudly served the community since 1977 and we continue to incorporate emerging techniques to improve your care. 

Our Innovative Tools and Techniques

Although Dr. Clark has been in practice for four decades, he is committed to continuing education. Our patients’ health, safety, and well-being come first and we are constantly looking for new ways to more efficiently meet this goal. Whether you need a professional cleaning, tooth extraction, or periodontal care, we may recommend incorporating one or more of these treatments.

Restorative Ozone Treatment

One goal we have is to eliminate  harmful bacteria in the oral environment. Ozone, or 03, is a safe, effective disinfectant. Ozone, or O3, is a safe, effective sterilizer. We use medical-grade oxygen, made up of 95 percent oxygen and five percent ozone, which is applied directly to the treatment area using a syringe. Ozone has been proven to eradicate nearly every type of pathogen, while leaving surrounding tissue unaffected. Common uses include disinfecting the tooth surfaces following cavity and filling preparation.   Also used to disinfect the tooth surfaces after crown preparation, as well as perfusing ozone into a socket after an extraction. 

Platelet-Rich Fibrin Therapy

Platelet-rich fibrin therapy, or PRF, promotes faster healing. Prior to treatment, the doctor will draw a small amount of your blood. The sample will be placed in a centrifuge in order to separate the red blood cells from the fibrin and platelets. This process can usually be completed in under 10 to 15 minutes.  The resulting fibrin material is rich in the patients own white blood cells and growth factors.  It can be manipulated into membranes for use in implant surgeries or into plugs to fill extraction sites.  Dry sockets are virtually eliminated by using this PRF therapy.

Dr. Clark has seen amazing healing results using PRF and patients have reported little or no post-op pain.

Our patients’ health, safety, and well-being come first and we are constantly looking for new ways to more efficiently meet this goal. 

Soft Tissue Laser Treatment

Dental lasers offer several benefits over traditional tools. The minimally invasive technique can be used for cosmetic purposes and to treat the effects of periodontal disease. We can use a soft tissue laser to more effectively eliminate the bacteria that build up in crevices and pockets around each tooth. In addition to sterilizing the area, we can more effectively reattach gingival tissue to the dental roots, and often reduce periodontal pockets to a normal 2-3 millimeters. 

Our hygienist is certified in the use of dental lasers. With this training, she can provide safe treatment with minimized recovery time, bleeding, discomfort, and risk of infection.

Ögram System for Oral Surgery

Dental extractions are often necessary in order to protect a patient’s oral health. Dr. Clark uses a specialized method called the Ögram System to minimize trauma to the surrounding tissue. Developed by a German physician with training in bioengineering, the technique consists of gently rotating the tooth prior to its removal. This stimulates blood flow into the periodontal ligament surrounding the root and allows removal with less force and trauma.  Dr. Clark has also found that he can reduce bone loss in this way, better preserving the bone ridge in order to support a denture or dental implant.

Learn More

Dr. Clark is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our patients’ well-being. To learn more about how you can benefit from our advanced techniques and comprehensive scope of care, call (870) 474-9883 or reach out to us online. Our team can provide assistance to both English and Spanish-speaking patients.

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