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Many health problems can affect your ability to breathe properly at night. This chronic lack of oxygen can cause a range of other diseases and conditions. At Amity Gentle Dental in Amity, AR, we specialize in holistic dentistry, an approach that focuses on the connections between oral health and overall health. Dr. Chester V. Clark, Jr. offers airway treatment as a way to improve your overall wellbeing. He can provide biomimetic oral appliances for sleep apnea treatment

Symptoms of Airway Issues

Every part of the body is connected. Due to this complex interconnectivity, airway issues can have surprising symptoms that other medical health professionals may not consider. As a holistic dentist, Dr. Clark is highly aware of these symptoms and includes steps in his dental exams to check for them.

Some common signs of airway issues include:

  • Severe wear on the teeth
  • Benign growths on the inside of the jaw
  • Scalloping on the side of the tongue
  • A history of excessive dental problems

Airway obstruction can also impact your facial profile, posture, and body temperature. Additionally, if your soft palate and uvula are not readily visible, this may indicate that your airway is pinched. If so, this may inhibit your ability to breathe properly. 

Amalgam Filling

Composite Filling

Illustration demonstrating difference between unobstructed and obstructed airways during sleep

In the most common form of sleep apnea, the tongue falls back and blocks the airway during sleep.

Video Testimonial: Airway Treatment

With the help of oral appliances, patients can experience better breathing, a better complexion, and better health. 

Diagnosing Airway Concerns

Many patients come to our office already diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) or sleep-disordered breathing and want to explore their treatment options. If you do not yet have a diagnosis, we can work with a local sleep clinic to determine whether your concerns are tied to sleep apnea. We also have several in-office tests to confirm our suspicions if we notice signs of airway issues. 

Our cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) machine can help us quantify the problem. We also have software that that measures the size of your airway and can help us identify obstructions.

Our Airway Treatment Options

At Amity Gentle Dental, we have several treatments available for airway concerns. Dr. Clark can tailor the solution to suit your unique concerns and facial structures. 

Biomimetic Oral Devices

Unlike traditional oral appliance therapy, our devices actually alter the bony structure of the upper and lower jaw. These DNA appliances are removable oral devices designed to mimic biological functions. They gently correct the positions of teeth over time.

If your sleeping problems are due to airway issues, Dr. Clark may have a natural, noninvasive solution to improve your sleep and your overall health. 

Severe Sleep Apnea

For most patients with mild to moderate sleep apnea or sleep-disordered breathing, we can use conservative intervention. However, for severe cases, you may need to use a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine to achieve relief from your symptoms.

Improving Your Overall Wellbeing

If your sleeping problems are due to airway issues, Dr. Clark may have a natural, noninvasive solution to improve your sleep and your overall health. For more information about your treatment options, contact our office online or call (870) 342-5265 today.

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